“One of the reasons locals flock to Smokey’s in Jefferson Park is their judicious use of wood…”

” The Pork is tremendous, great smoke ring, tender, just right – same goes for the Brisket.”

” The Dark horse is the Smoked Turkey – best I’ve ever eaten.”

  Steve Dolinski, Hungry Hound ABC 7 Chicago

The Rub and The Smoke
We start with quality meat and then rub it down with a special blend of herbs and spices.   Our meats are then slow smoked for hours at precision temperatures.  The blend of oak wood enhances the flavor of the meat and activates the special spice rub producing ribs, turkey, pork shoulder, and beef brisket that are melt-in-your-mouth tender and flavorful.
The Sauces
Smokey’s offers two different styles of BBQ sauces to finish off the meat:
Smokey’s Original BBQ Sauce – Unique, tomato based, sweet with a little bit of heat, take on a traditional southern style sauce.
Hogwash –  This distinct tangy sauce with a special blend of spices conveys more of a Carolina style sauce.
The Best
Our homemade sides will keep you coming back from traditional coleslaw to Smokey’s famous Cheesy potatoes, your sure to find your favorite.  And don’t forget dessert – Sweet Pea’s Bread pudding or Say Dee’s Cheesecake yum!
Smokey’s is a BYOB so bring in your choice of alcoholic beverage and enjoy it with your favorite BBQ!